What We Do

We strive to deliver the world products that inspire individuals to explore the world.


Surf 9 specializes in creating a unique customer experience through licensed sports equipment and lifestyle footwear. Surf 9 offers services across all functions — including innovative product design, production and manufacturing oversight, managed logistics and supply chain services, customer service, sales, and marketing.








Innovation Through Design

Superior Manufacturing Partnerships

Logistics Mastered

Media, Content & Marketing Support

Our expert team combines passion, personal experience and a unique customer perspective to deliver innovation across a variety of product categories.

  • Inflatable SUP
  • Soft Top SUP
  • Performance Footwear
  • Lifestyle Footwear
  • Sandals






Our strategic partnerships afford our clients more design and fulfillment options at costs otherwise unavailable in a direct to manufacturing relationships. 


Surf9 acts as an agent, allowing our clients to focus on their core business – and not on design and manufacturing.







Our Logistics Managed Services offers flexibility and customization in our approach to keep our clients in-stock in retailers across North America. 

These services include:

  • Financial Planning and Analysis
  • Operations and Logistics management
  • Personalized Account Management and Customer Service
Additional marketing partnerships and sales support are available to every Surf 9 client to increase product and brand consideration as well as sell-through.